Clinic Times



Monday & Wednesday          9:30am-10:30am

A fun and energetic start to your day that combines cardio tennis with instructional drills
and interactive play. Focus on footwork and movement.
Build your skills while you get your heart rate up!

$12 Pass Holders / $16 Non-Pass Holders




Monday & Wednesday          10:30am-11:30am

 A combination of instruction and strategies designed to improve your doubles play. 
Drills and competitive interactive play will help refine your shot selection,
execution and court positioning.  This class is designed for players 3.0 and up.

$12 Pass Holders / $16 Non-Pass Holders




1.2.3 TENNIS
Monday          11:30am-12:30pm

 1.2.3. Tennis is designed for players with little or no tennis experience.
It is a fun and social introduction to tennis fundamentals including basic techniques and structured play.
This program provides a gateway to developingyour tennis skills and meeting your future tennis partners.

$10 per class - Please call to pre-register

Prior Registration is REQUIRED.  Call PCTC at 386-986-2550 to reserve your spot




Monday         8:45am-10:15am
This clinic is designed for players who are new to the game (2.0). 
It provides an opportunity to learn the basics of doubles play
including court position, shot selection and strategy. Experience interactive drills
and play in a game based and friendly environment. 
$18 Pass Holders / $24 Non-Pass Holders




Friday           9:30am-10:30am

A little less talk and a lot more action!!  This clinic is all about drills for players at all levels.
One fast paced hour of groundstrokes, volleys and footwork to help keep you sharp.
$12 Pass Holders / $16 Non-Pass Holders
Prior Registration is REQUIRED.  Call PCTC at 386-986-2550 to reserve your spot



 A clinic will ALWAYS be held regardless of the number of participants.
If a clinic has 1-2 participants, the clinic will be held for 30 minutes.
When there are 3 or more participants, the full hour clinic will be given.




3 & A PRO
Includes three players of compatible level and one pro. 
The first hour is devoted to instruction & drills. 
During the remaining half hour, each player plays with the pro and against the pro. 
 Organize your own group or ask us to set one up for you. 
$28.00 for pass holders / $32.00 for non-pass holders


Designed specifically for GVTL teams to enhance practice time, manage pairings and prepare for team match play.
6-8 players from the team roster.  Based on availability.
1 1/2 hour $15.00 per player